BALANCE PIECE (2018-19) 

Sound Installation & Compositional piece for 1 or more performers and Conductor with Real time Electronic Processing.

This is a sound piece created by the sound emitted by different balls (marbles, wooden...) rolling inside a methacrylate cylinder.  The cylinder is hung by its center to create a balancing structure and this allow the performer to create different sound paths and interactions between the balls. 

The Balancing movement of the structure also creates diverse sound dynamics. The translucent tube allows the audience to follow the movements of the balls inside the cylinder. The cylinder adds to the piece a special nuances (reverberation, Doppler effect) to the sound.

The piece is thought as a LIVE performance* with sound manipulation (Eurorack Synth / MaxMSP) in real time. 

* for one or multiple performers - see "Iterations" below.                         

-Balance Piece - is on development stage for further Live! presentations.





The piece can be performed by 2 - 4 - or multiple performers. Each performer is an independent Channel, so the sound is independent in each cylinder and different effects & variations (sound manipulation) will be applied to every individual performer in real time.

2 performers.png
4 performers.png