Pencil (color) on paper

The idea of Emoji Symphony came up when I was watching the Guitar Orchestra of Glenn Branca in NY. During the concert Branca directed and watched at all times a device that looked like a mobile ... I thought it would be funny that he was receiving directions via WhatsApp or some app to conduct the piece. If Branca received messages while he directed or not, I thought that more than text, a piece could be directed through the interpretation of emojis.

Emoticons - emotion-icon - are graphic elements that express emotions.

The emoji score can be interpreted musically and can be open to interpretations: what is a happy note? And so following the indications in the score.

e.g. Legato from a happy note 😀 to a sad one 😔; Unicorn 🦄 can be a vibrato in the string section ... etc

The Emoji Symphony is going to be performed by some musicians (Celo, Flute and Piano) TBA.



“The Emoji Symphony (Music Tempos)”

Pencil (color) on paper (2018)

The Emoji with more variations is the "happy face", to express "Joy" there is not a single emoji but many different ... the same happens to the musical Tempo Allegro (fast tempo, animated or with joy) that is usually accompanied by another term that indicates more accurately the character of the work and speed of interpretation.

In the first piece of Music Tempos, 5 Allegro tempos have been chosen and they have been translated into Emojis.

The second drawing is a specific Tempo "Andante con Moto" which has a very nice representation with emojis.




Andante con Moto