RUIDO I (Nostalgia) 2000

This was probably my 1st Sound Installation, back in the year 2000. RUIDO I (Nostalgia) was a site-specific sound installation made for a very resonant room in the roof of an art Museum. This space was not conceived for an art piece, but it works perfectly for this piece in which 2 metal basins hanging from the ceiling where filled with water that was draining  through a little hole on the bottom of the basin. The water drops felt into another basin located at the floor creating different sounds. The sounds where highly amplified by the resonance of the space and the sound decay lasted almost until the next water drop. there where 2 basins located in parallel and both had different hole sizes, so the water drops where not continues. Also in the time of this installation the weather was cold so I used frozen water to make the piece last running for a whole day every time and also the holes in the hanging basins where small so the water dropping was not constant.

The sounds started from various metallic sounds (when the basin on the floor was empty) to different complex sounds when the basins on the floor where half filled with the water drops until completely filled.

The installation was completed using a slide projection of the poem "instrucciones para llorar" (Crying instructions) by Julio Cortázar.