This is a sound piece that was thought to do during a trip to Iceland for sound recordings. When I was thinking about a piece to do in Iceland I wanted to do a simple intervention with something that was not "electrical, wired or amplified" but rather something that I can carry on in my walks through the nature and that i can use to interact with the landscape.

A few weeks before I left I looked at the weather forecast and saw that it was going to be really windy during my stay in Iceland and that is how I came up with the idea of the chimes and metal pipes and some other elements to play with the wind. So I just sew this elements to a vest and let them play with the wind in that amazing natural environment .

The idea was not to create a Composition or a musical piece but to record and document the experience. The key factor was the WIND that was really intense making all the materials on the vest to crash with each other. In some parts of the audio you can hear the wind being really strong and intense, also the sound steps on the snow, cars in Reykjavik and the gorgeous sound of the organ from  Hallgrímskirkja Church,  a beautiful frozen lake that at the time of the recording a football team practicing near to me. There are no mayor edit on the original audio. I used directional and stereo microphones on the recorder and keep it near my body during the recording  trying to avoid the high peaks of the wind blows. 

This piece is thought for a video-sound installation, presenting the images, sound recordings  (Quadraphonic sound system)  and the VEST. 

Previous files: Sketch, construction...