LISTEN (2018)

1/4 inch Stereo Jack Cable, Cassette Player,  Audio mixer, Headphones. 

listen 1 .jpg

When I got the invitation to do a solo exhibition ("SUPER STEREO" 2018) I started building some new sound installations and other pieces for the gallery space. I wanted the audience to enter this exhibition and forget the noise of their daily life and immerse into a sound experience.  the most important thing to do is to LISTEN so I decided to do a piece that is like a signal, a little advice and an invitation. With audio cable you can read the word LISTEN on the wall... and of course you can listen to the audio of the piece individually through the headphones.  
This first version of "Listen" was dedicated to the great composer Pauline Oliveros. You can listen to Pauline explaining her concept of "Deep Listening" and other interviews taken from the internet on the headphones.

listen web1.jpg