HALL of FAME (2019)


It is really interesting how some individuals are celebrated and remembered by its accomplishments on their profession. One example that I have in mind are the athletes like NBA (Basketball players USA League). Once they retire and based on their career and how important they were for the game and the city they represent, the League as a way to honor retire their jersey numbers. The retired jersey with the name and player number is displayed by hanging banners on the rafters inside their home arena.

This is such a nice way of honoring the ones that have contributed to the game…

If we check on the history of new music and the people that have push the boundaries, invented new languages, explored and experimented and really influenced future generations of sound seekers (composers, musicians, artists…) we will found that many of them were not celebrated in life and some are still very unfamiliar to large global audiences. But for all of us that know about them and that the work of these artists have changed our lives, these artists are like the athletes (MVP - Most Valuable Players) and there should be a - HALL OF FAME of SOUND.

This particular Series is dedicated to SOUND and AVANT GARDE MUSIC COMPOSERS. The series starts with the composers jerseys (like NBA Players). Each jersey have the name and a NUMBER related to the composer (name of one of his pieces… or another related number). * I will LOVE to see this NAMES hanging on the rafters of a CONCERT HALL or CONTEMPORARY ART MUSEUM (not necessarily my piece but a recognition to this artists).


- The designs of each composer will be released as a wearable Jersey (front & bag) with a TEAM NAME - example: The Minimalists.

-The Jerseys will be also presented FRAMED (Basketball Style) for a Exhibition Format (each jersey is a unique piece).

-more to come…


NBA (National Basketball Association - USA) Jersey Retirement reference (Examples):

LA jersey rafters.jpg