▲ OCT 01

Really happy that my SoundZine “Ways Of Listening - Tips to Listen to Abstract Music in Conventional Venues” is out now!!!
Check all the info about here

Wol web inside1.jpg

▲ SEPT 09

LS v1.jpg

Lea Bertucci (US) + Sun Color

Really excited to announce these gigs!
2 very special concerts :

·Tuesday 24 Sept - Barcelona @ Miscelänea.

c\ Guardia 10, 08001 BARCELONA / 8:00pm SHARP !!! and 6 €

·Thursday 26 Sept - Bilbao @ Le Larraskito Kluba.

L´larraskito klubba (carretera errekalde-larraskitu errepidea 33, 4, BILBAO).

Lea and I get together again ✨ last time was 2 years ago when we performed at Cafe Oto (UK) and Les Nautes, Paris (FR)

These will be one of the few performances I’m doing this year (in Spain at least). I will present my NEW Album “The Dog’s Fountain”.
Lea is coming to Europe and has a handful of amazing gigs (check her links for info).
This is gonna be cray


▲ MAY 02


This Saturday I will participate with a new piece called “ECHOmmunication” in a great sonic gatering by artist Consol Llùpia - RITUAL PARA LA BALLENA DEL PRAT 

The event will be at with many amazing artists... here a little more info about the event and about my piece. 

On May 4 at 4pm the artist Consol Llupià organizes, together with Cachichi, an afternoon of sonic farewell to the skeleton of the whale that was found 35 years ago on the beach of El Prat and that has remained restricted ever since in the facilities of the Barcelona zoo. ▫️

ECHOmmunication ._ a piece by Julio Cesar Palacio| Sun Color 
with the participation of Daphne Xanthopoulou, Blazej Kotowski, Raúl Dávila and Giulia Paradell.

This piece made for the event is based on the echolocation and communication of the whales and how it has been affected by the sound/noise of large ships in the ocean. ▫️

-The low rumble of passing ships has long been connected to the disturbance of large whales. ▫️ 
These noise disturbances could be hindering the ability of whales to communicate and echolocate – the process of using sound to bounce off objects such as prey and identify where they are-

▲ APRIL 29

I´m really happy to be included in a new release dedicated to BARCELONA underground and experimental music scene. Zona Watusa Label presents “Zona Confusa: a slice of the Barcelona underground” i a Limited double tape compilation in butterfly case with handmade artwork by TD Papeles.


I participate in this beautiful compilation with a piece feat. Almudena Vega on Flute and vocals. The piece is called “Casi” based on a poem by Almudena Vega.

You can listen the entire album here:


There was another release that I forgot to include here in the NEWS section… is from LAST year on the great Barcelona NetLabel Nyapster. «The Popper, The Blue Octopus, The Siren Cloak». This tape is the documentation of a the collective listening performed on March 1, 2018 in the dark of the Teatre-Sala d'Actes located in the Civic Center of Sant Andreu.


▲ MARCH 19

Really excited to participate at the ÄANIAALTO Festival in Helsinki! ÄÄNIAALTO is an annual sound oriented new media festival organized with the support of the Aalto University and the University of the Arts Helsinki.

I will be performing:

Friday 22: “Music For Rubber Tape” with the collaboration of a local performer @ Vapaan Taiteen Tila, Helsinki.

Saturday 23: Sun Color (Live) @ Vapaan Taiteen Tila, Helsinki.


▲ MARCH 11

One of my GOALS for this year is to spend time at the studio to record new music for a posible NEW LP Release later this year. Also, there are a lot of documents (sounds) from Sound Pieces that have never been properly edited and uploaded (web) and I really want to work on these files and maybe use the BANDCAMP to have the audio of sound projects, installations, field recordings, etc…

So, the idea is to organize and document in a better way, better look my work…and of course, playing LIVE is also on the plans.


▲ FEB 21

v02a Sound Travel poster.jpg

I´m really happy to present this NEW piece for Haimney Gallery with very special collaborations: The singer and artist Monica Mussungo who will guide this experience with her voice, and visual artist MarlenePieroth who is responsible for the visual content. 
Curated by Blanc Zuria White 
//Saturday 23rd Feb 7pm


It is an experience and a listening exercise. It is a piece intended for the reception of sounds in detail and how these affects us individually. Through the use of sound in its purest and most fundamental essence, the piece is composed with different sections, dynamics, spatial reflections, vibrations, timbres, etc. to be absorbed by the listener. The sound as vibration, the body as a receiver and the mind as a guide in a "sound travel”.

I use the idea of a "travel" as an experience of internal journey open to the perception and resonance in each individual. This piece "Requires the temporary suspension of judgments and the willingness to receive new information, whether pleasant, unpleasant or neutral”. -D.L Quote

Sound travel is inspired and has as references the teachings of Pauline Oliveros (Deep Listening), the sound pieces by Alvin Lucier and compositions by Morton Feldman, among others.

Sound travel is not a meditation or a therapy, it is a sound-spatial experience and an invitation to listen.

▲ NOV 23

WE WON !!!
Yesss!!! “Nyctophobia” the short-film by LAURA SALA with original music by Julio Cesar Palacio Won 2 prices last night at the TMB Subtravelling Gala.

The Audience Award (most voted film by people out of the 128 participants) and the Jury Special Mention Award!!!
Really proud of my favorite Director Sala Casca the wonderful cast and actors Álex Monner / Jorel E. Dandy  and the incredible team (Albert, Iván & Iván).

Captura de pantalla 2018-11-23 a las 14.32.08.png
Captura de pantalla 2018-11-23 a las 14.32.02.png

▲ NOV 16

I got a nice last show for this year!!! a special Duo with Viola player Marie Takahashi (JP/DE) ... is a bit of a last minute show but I’m excited and happy to play this gig that is also my PRE-BIRTHDAY Party .

Friday 16th @ Màgia Roja... 20:30h (sharp) a really powerful night with a great line-up:

- E-da (ex- Boredoms)+ Kina Suttsu ▫️
- Discordian Community Ensemble ▫️
- Marie Takahashi/Julio César Palacio (Duo)

marie jcp.png

▲ OCT 24

These 2 weeks at Islington Mill has been so important to me! so I'm really happy to play a special show with great local artists before I leave. For this show I’m preparing a special new piece for stereo - is a little challenge because I only came with my laptop to the Residence so I’m building this piece with limited gear but I’m excited! 


▲ OCT 10

I´ve been awarded with an “Artist Residence” at Islington Mill Art Center in Manchester, UK. I will be there from Oct 16th to 31st. Looking forward to be in the UK again!!!

islington-mill_artist in residency.jpg

▲ OCT 03

Really excited to be part once again of the TEOREMA Festival. I will do a Eurorack Modular Synth Master Class at the beautiful Convent de Sant Agustí ( Thursday, Oct 04 - 7:30 pm FREE) and of course SUN COLOR Live! at the great LAUT Club (Saturday, Oct 06 - 8:30pm). Here more info of the overall event and the killer kine-up


▲ SEPT 26

Tomorrow I will go to Catalunya Radio ~Generació Digital⚡️ to talk about Sun Color, Modular Synths, Modular Day Festival and to have fun with the great host Albert Murillo. Listen live:


▲ MAY 30

  • 31 May: Sun Color Live! @ Teorema - Logaritmos 0.1 - at Miscelänea, Barcelona.

  • 09 June: “Music for Rubber Tape” Live ! interpreted by Pablo Carrascosa Llopis at Mostra Sonora i Visual CC Convent de Sant Agustí, Barcelona.

  • 16 June: Sun Color Live! + Artist talk/workshop - Vidmar Festival Vilassar de Mar.

Captura de pantalla 2018-05-30 a las 0.32.49.png

▲ MAY 29

The MOVISTAR LOOM FESTIVAL was amazing! I got the change to try my piece "SOUND RACE" for the 1st time in a huge industrial space with the Audience and I was really happy to see the people having FUN with the RC Cars and the sound. The SUN COLOR Live! was a great experience and I´m really thankful to Laura Sala Casca for the incredible visuals she did for me... it was another level!!! here some pics of the Sun Color Live! with Laura Sala Casca (visuals Live!). Thanks to the LOOM Team and Movistar Festival!

▲ MAY 16

My next gig is one of the most exciting ones this year ! The MOVISTAR LOOM FESTIVAL is this SATURDAY  19TH MAY. I will present for the 1st time my piece "SOUND RACE" from the series -Sound Movements- this time for 4 RC CARS  (Quadraphonic sound composition) and the audience will be free to play the piece at the amazing space of UTOPIA126. 

SUN COLOR will perform Live! with a NEW VIDEO PIECE for 3 LARGE SCREENS in Collaboration with Visual Artist & Filmmaker SALA CASCA. This is a BIG highlight for me. Laura developed a concept of a new Allien rising and the result is incredible so I´m really excited to have her joining me and working on visuals LIVE! We had SO MUCH FUN during the video recording and I want to THANK deeply to the team: staring from the Director Laura Sala Casca, camera and assistant Albert Murillo,  actress Blanca Zuria, make up FX team Diana & Mar Jorge.


▲ APRIL 06

I´m performing tonight @ Màgia Roja!  This is gonna be GOOD ONE!!! 

Sun Color (Live) and Non-Oxymoron (Live). 

Concert at 8.30 pm (SHARP) @ Màgia Roja / Carrer de l'Alzina, 20,  Barcelona.

Captura de pantalla 2018-04-06 a las 15.49.10.png
Captura de pantalla 2018-04-06 a las 15.51.42.png

▲ MARCH 01

"Music for Rubber Tape" will be the inaugural piece of  IN-SONORA (Sound Art Festival) in Madrid!!! this will happen on Tuesday March 06 at Swinton Gallery at 8pm... FREE ENTRANCE!


▲ FEB 27

Really happy and THANKFUL to all the people who made my exhibition “Super Stereo” possible!!! Glad for all the Love & great feedback about the pieces, the concerts and all around.

For those who could not come, I put some pictures here:


Thanks to Cachichi, The White Gallery, Cherry Adam, Vanessa LP, Emiliano Hernandez Santana. 

▲ JAN 31

Super-Stereo-poster- v1.jpg

I will present my latest sound pieces and installations at The White Gallery Barcelona in a Solo Exhibition called "SUPER STEREO" opening on Feb 10th with Live! performances.  I am really excited about this one.

Here more info :) 


▲ DEC 04

I´m just arriving from a magical place! I spent a week in ICELAND doing some field recordings and videos for a upcoming projects and sound pieces. It was a life changing trip, just going there and enjoying the wonders of nature. 

Of course, one of the main reasons was to do some sound project over there and play with the wind and interact with the nature and landscape.  Here is the piece I did called "ICELAND SOUND VEST" ... this is a piece for video and sound installation and you can found more info at the SOUND PROJECTS section


▲ NOV 29

It´s been a CRAZY and exciting MONTH!  First I presented my piece "Geometrical Sound Essay" at the Zeppelin Festival 2017. I´ve been always a big FAN of this festival dedicated to Electro-Acoustical Compositions, so I'm proud to attend this time not as audience but as a composer and being able to do the Live Sound Spatialization of piece for more than 30 Speakers in such a wonderful Theater at the CCCB Museum. Many Thanks to Lina Bautista, Medín Peirón and Jose Manuel Berenguer. Here I post some pics by my dear friend Cherry Adams!


After Zeppelin Festival I went to play for the 1st time in LONDON and PARIS!!!  the highlight was to share the bill with my dear friend Lea Bertucci.  We performed in London at the Great CAFE OTO! lovely place and people, really a special venue and I hope this was the 1st of many concerts I will play at OTO. Thanks to Fielding and all the Cafe OTO crew! I got this cool pic courtesy of Jonathan Crabb.  


I enjoyed so much the train ride from London to Paris on the Eurostar train talking about life and art with Lea, and then wen we just arrived to Paris we drank some coffee at a fantastic spot near the Seine. Paris gig was at Les Nautes and incredible venue just at the banks of the Seine, it was an event organized by Le Non Jazz and it was packed! one of the best gigs I ever remember, there was a incredible energy in the space and the event itself was killer with performances by local amazing artist Geal Segalen, Minifer (Shoboshobo) and of course Sun Color, Lea Bertucci. Thanks so much Jedrek for putting this gig up. I don´t have great pics of this gig, but I took one from Instagram -posted by David Baltran- and 1 pic with my dear Lea and the venue.


▲ NOV 04

TIME FOR LONDON & PARIS!!!! First,  next Tuesday Nov 7th I will perform at the great Cafe OTO! it is the 1st time performing in London and I´m sooo looking forward to it. best part is that my dear friend Lea Bertucci is performing (together in London and also in Paris) and Patrick Ward, so this is a killer show.

here the info:

oto 1.jpg


Right after Cafe Oto, we will go to PARIS to perform with another Killer Line-up at this wonderful place just by the Seine called Les Nautes!!! YEAH

here the info:


▲ OCT 31

I'm so proud and excited to present my piece "Geometrical Sound Essay" at the Zeppelin Festival 2017 in Tribute to PIERRE HENRY at CCCB !!! this is the premiere of this new work and I will do the Live Sound Spatialization for 32 Speakers!!!

here all the info and the beautiful poster_


▲ OCT 07

Last show was amazing and what a magical place to perform!  Is always a pleasure to perform with my dear Almudena Vega. This time we prepared a piece for electronics, flute and voice (some of the poems of Almudena's new book). Here are some pictures of our performance at the beautiful Roman Terms from the Sant Boi Museum. THANKS to Vanesa and the Museum Director for inviting us!

▲ SEPT 19

Captura de pantalla 2017-09-17 a las 18.08.55.png

I have this cool gigs coming soon (and a few more to be confirmed). First one is with my dear friend Almudena Vega and she will read her new published book of poems with Sun Color music in an incredible venue: the Roman Terms at the Sant Boi de Llobregat Museum! 

 I´m super excited for the show in London (November 7th) at Cafe Oto! The lineup is KILLER  with my good friend the amazing NY Composer Lea Bertucci and Patrick Ward.  Next I will go with Lea to play in Paris a this cool venue on the banks of the Seine called Les Nautes. 

Captura de pantalla 2017-09-19 a las 13.26.07.png




My Artist Residence at INDIGO (Palermo, Italy) was amazing! It was a week that I will not forget... good people, new friends, good food and lots of music.  The SUN COLOR gig at the Catacomb Porta Di Ossuna was one of the most unique experiences that I ever had. Here some pics from my performance.


After the Catacomb show, on Saturday we did the piece · Sun Color the Kite/Wind Project. The amazing team from INDIGO with the Kite Master Gabriele. The place was magical  Montepellegrino - Santuario Santa Rosalia. Thanks to the Team: Donato, Fabio, Gabriele, Sergio and Bonfa. Here some pics and later on I will post a video with the KITE sounds.

...and the last adventure in Palermo, we hit the road (Fabio, Guilia and me)  to the Grotte della Gurfa (Tholos Micenico, 2500 B.C ) to experience the acoustic phenomenons of this ancient space. We measure a reverberation time  of about 8 to 10 seconds. Trully amazing! one of the coolest places I ever being.

All this made my time in Palermo really wonderful. I will like to Thanks all the people involved, first of all the Team of INDIGO ART RESIDENCY (Donato, Fabio, Oriana & Francesco), Daniela from  ArcheOfficina and her team. Ci vediamo presto SICICLY !!!

▲ JULY 18

Really excited about this! I will be a Guest Composer Artist in Residence at the amazing Indigo in Palermo, Italy from 01 August - 07 August. I will do a Modular Synth Composition Workshop and the highlight will be a SUN COLOR Live! at the Porta d’Ossuna Catacombs !!!! YESSSS MAMMA MIA !!!

indigo post.png

· SUN COLOR Live! at Porta d’Ossuna Catacombs

· Workshop: Modular Synthesis & Experimental Electronic Composition


See you in PALERMO !!! 

▲ MAY 31

I´ve spent such a wonderful time playing a selection of music that have inspired my over the years at the DUBLAB Radio Latitudes Program! 2 hours of music that is on-line right now so you can listen to the program and enjoy!!! Thanks so much to Cristian (Cosmic D'Alessandro) and all the DUBLAB.ES for the invitation :)  



▲ MAY 04

I will give a Workshop/ Lecture - Introduction on Modular Synthesizers - on May 13th at Can Fugarolas in Mataró. Later that day there will be live shows by Sun Color (Live) and Hagal (Live). YEAH!

18.30 h - Workshop - modular Synthesizers

20:00 h - Hagal (Live)

21:00 h - Sun Color (Live)

more info

▲ APRIL 01

This is such a nice event !!! 
tomorrow at UTOPIA 126 the CAPSULE 02 by LOOM Collective 

Here Im gonna present 2 NEW pieces:

SOUND CONTROL : which is a Site-Specific Sound Installation for 4 Channels (Quadraphonic Sound) . This piece is a special commission for this event on the subject of modern DYSTOPIA. The piece revolves around the Sound Controlled Environment we are living in ( by control forces MILITARY, POLICE, STATE, GOVERNMENT and TECHNOLOGY) 

MUSIC FOR RUBBER TAPE : is a music for an amplified table pattern in which multiple Rubber Tape is displayed and by the action of friction (removing the tape) the sound is processed in real time... is a sound piece but also a really visual based presentation.
The piece is performed Live with the help of my friend Cherry Adams as performer (RUBBER TAPE MANIPULATION) and yours truly on the ELECTRONIC SOUND PROCESSING in real time. ( this piece is a Work in progress and this is the 1st performance of it).


▲ MARCH 21

This is something really cool that will happen on Friday 31st March. I will put music to the fabulous Almudena Vega poems!!! im really excited about this presentation. Almudena is a great Flute player but also a great poet and writer... we´ve been preparing this poetry recital that she have done before with other musicians (with Piano and other instruments) and for the 1st time she will read her new poems with electronic accompaniment -Sun Color.

Almudena Vega + Sun Color
@ Animal Sospechoso Editor
c/ Ventalló, 9 Barcelona 08028

METRO: Joanic
19:30pm FREE
with the support of: Bodegas Montebaco & Animal Sospechoso

▲ FEB 01

I´ve just uploaded 2 NEW tracks on SoundCloud... these are excerpts from studio recordings called FUNDAMENTAL THEORY
I will continue working on the extended version of these recordings, to release them later this year :)

you can listen here : 

▲ JAN 17

Just arrived home from the USA !!! I had such a wonderful time visiting L.A for the 1st time (1st time West Coast). I want to thank my dear friend Cameron Stallones (Sun Araw) for helping me setting up some shows in Los Angeles. The gig at La Cita was fantastic, cool place, local artists and a great show, thanks to Michael, Jess and Mitchell it was a rad evening! 

It was really nice to perform at Dublab Radio! such a cool place and more than thankful to the wonderful Celia $3.33 and her program Section Cut for having me performing Live!!! the program is recorded and you can listen it on the Dublab website!!!

Last but not least, I had the pleasure to meet one of my heroes :) the great Terry Riley and see him performing at the MOCA Los Angeles!!! yes a dream come truth! 

Terry Riley

Terry Riley

Thanks L.A and everyone involved!!! What a GREAT way to start this 2017.
West Coast rules! and I hope this was my first of many many visits

▲ JAN 04

Having Fun in Los Angeles 🙃 after last night really nice gig @ La Cita 🔥 I'll be performing Live tomorrow @ Dublab Radio program Section Cut conducted by $3.33 💥💥
Tune in at 5pm (Los Angeles time) to listen Live!!! 📻

▲ DEC 06

Sun Color will be performing LIVE this week in:

  • Ghent- Belgium @ In De Ruimte

  • Rotterdam-Netherlands @ Wunderbar · Worm

  • Brussels - Belgium @ RSS # 11

Looking forward for this gigs and hope to see you there :)

▲ NOV 23

Tomorrow (Nov 24th) I will be giving this Master Class on Modular Synthesizers at the NIU Art Space.

This event is organized by ABLETON LIVE User Group Barcelona.

and SATURDAY I will perform LIVE at this great event called ONE DRONE DAY which is a 12hours of uninterrupted Drone music in a single space with a Quadraphonic system and adapted sound for relaxed listening, introspective and psychonautics.

ONE DRONE DAY website:

▲ NOV 14

I had so much FUN at the Exploding Plastic festival performing this piece for Flute & Electronics together with Almudena Vega and the dancers... here some images and videos (rehearsal, performance, etc...) that I posted on instagram

Un vídeo publicado por Sun Color (@juliocesarpalacio) el

▲ NOV 11

Im really excited about this concert because for the 1st time I will collaborate with Almudena Vega (Transverse Flute) and also a impressive group of contemporary dancers: Sabine Dahrenhof, Debora Torres, Elia Genís, Anna Romani and Amanda Rubio !!!


The 2nd edition of the peculiar party-organized festival as a tribute to Andy Warhol and his multidisciplinary event 'The Exploding Plastic Inevitable. " A unique encounter between dancers, musicians, choreographers and performers nonconformist, through improvisation, making Hangar Art Center (Barcelona) at the epicenter of the exploration stage and contemporary music for a day.

▲ NOV 03


Màgia Roja Headquarters
Carrer de l'Alzina 20

▲ OCT 31

SUN COLOR · LIVE Upcoming Schedule

▲ OCT 08

Next Sun Color gig is on October 28th with the amazing Mike Cooper @ Miscelänea, Barcelona!!!! Exciting gig organized by the homies DUBLAB 😀

▲ OCT 02

Here some pics from the "SONIC ROOM" Installation!!! I really enjoyed this project, it was a pleasure to do it! Thanks to Lina, all the artists, Orquesta del Caos, Hangar and of course to all the people who came to listen and enjoy this installation.

>Working on the 8 Channels Sound Spatialization Design @ Hangar Art Center.

▲ SEPT 09

September is a crazy month! The Modular Day Festival this year in his 3rd Edition is coming on September 24th organized by yours truly and Befaco! 
that is a lots of work already... but since the 1st Edition of this festival I thought that it was becoming in a festival too much beat and dance oriented and the artistic and abstract part of the electronic composition and the "experimental" it was getting lost ... but actually this is the only part that I am interested to promote and show at this festival.

For this year I teamed up with Lina Bautista from La Orquesta del Caos, to organize and curate a special Exhibition focused on sound composers that are working with electronics and present their works in a Octophonic Speaker Installation. We called this "SONIC ROOM" because it is an exhibition in a room with a studied distribution of speakers in space and a special Spatialization made specifically for each of the composer pieces for the room.

participant composers: 


It is a great honor to have the participation of these great artists

SONIC ROOM will be presented on the Modular Day festival on September 24th at the Hangar Center of Arts - Barcelona


▲ JULY 1

Really nice to see Sun Color on this list !

▲ JUNE 07

SUN COLOR / New York & Philadelphia · US 2016

I just arrived (few Days Ago) from New York and just want to THANK my US Family G.Lucas Crane and Angela Moore for this lovely time and great shows! 
Big Thanks to brothers Greg Fox and Ed Bear for having me at home and inspire me with their thoughts and talent.

Alexandra Drewchin for the lovely time we spent together! (Paul) Wall Peller and Toto for setting up a show and our wonderful trip to Rockaway Beach also Melissa F. Clarke for performing with us, and Lea Bertucci that came and hang at the house!

Thanks to all the artists that performed in New York gigs: Nonhorse, Pam Finch, Sick Din, El Tryptophan, Melissa F.Clarke and to the venues: Detective Squad, Silent Barn, The Sump, Flowers for All Occasions.

and big thanks also to Philly crew for set up that wonderful show at R&D Vinyl: Jim Strong, R&D vinyl crew, Daniel Fiskin (Dead Lyon), Synthetic Love Dream, Fers Yn Ri... and my dear good friend Erin W. Andrew, Makaela, Josh and the cats :) for having me at home and the Philladelphia Steak Sandwich!

I hope I haven`t forgotten anyone... but once again it was great to go play a few shows in the US with my friends and new people! I love and hope I can do it again soon... 
I do not have many pictures of the gigs...

▲ MAY 09

USA gigs 2016 !!!
New York + Philladelpia

Oh, Yeah! It is always great and exciting to come back to NY (well, Brooklyn mainly :) ) to perform a few gigs with my talented and lovely friends... I will update and add more details once I´m there but here a little image with one of my favourite NY Knicks players back in that day! 

▲ MAY 04

This Friday I will be performing my last gig before going to the USA... and its gonna be FUN! cause im performing at this great venue Mágia Roja :) 
Màgia Roja H.Q
c/ Alzina 20, 08024 Gracia, BCN

Màgia Roja is a not-for-profit organization and label created to unearth, promote and disseminate magic-inspired music both within and outside of the territory of Catalonia. It was created in the Gràcia District of Barcelona in 2007.

▲ MAY 04

This Was such a great gig! Thanks to Vanessa and Patricia for Organizing this event and to The Zen Club :)

▲ APRIL 21

This gig is TONIGHT! really excited to perform a Duo with Cello Wizard Alex R. Flaqué aka CELLOHERO!

▲ APRIL 05

SUN COLOR Live! HEX -Experimental Audiovisual Event @ Centro de Arte Mutuo in Barcelona. 
Really interesting event organized by HEX and DEDO. I will be performing with the visual support of VJ AYL :)
here the info and event facebook page

▲ MARCH 30


this Saturday, April 2

Im so excited about this one, I love the Basque Country, so I'm glad to be back for this incredible gig at the wonderful Dabadaba Venue. First I will do a Modular Synth Master Class / Workshop and then late at night the Sun Color Live with some great local artists!

see you there :) AUPA!

▲ MARCH 11

This GIG is NEXT!!!

Sun Color Live @ Dosmil2000 Barcelona
Thursday, March 24th
8:30pm / FREE!

▲ NOV 27

I just got back from my Artist Residency as guest Composer @ The EMS Elektronmusikstudion in Stockholm,
I had so much fun and enjoyed the studio and the city. 
EMS crew is amazing and I hope I´ll be back soon to continue working on the sounds I have recorded there. I want to share some pics from my stay :)

▲ OCT 29

This Saturday SUN COLOR Live! 
a special performance for ÉS Festival as the closing act :) 
is Free! and starts 8pm sharp @ Colmillo de Morsa c/ Vic 15. Barcelona

▲ OCT 27

This Week I was invited to Bamboleo Radio Show by Red Bull Music Academy hosted by Frankie Pizá.
I had such a great time! and the interview is already ON-LINE and you can listen to it here:

▲ AUG 11

I just got an invitation from EMS Elektronmusikstudion in Stockholm, Sweden for a Residency as Guest Composer in November! I´ve been always FAN of this place so i'm thrilled to have the opportunity to work at this incredible place... the best thing is that the Studio I got is the one who has the BUCHLA Synth... so its gonna be fun and is just on my Birthday date :)

▲ JULY 07

Yeah! Got this nice review of "Parallel Tracks" today from this really cool on-line mag
called Chain D.L.K in Italy! Thanks so much :)

▲ JUNE 23

Saturday 27th of June, 7:30 pm @ L´Antic Forn de Vallcarca


YEAH! I'm really happy about this gig with NY producers (Techno/Ambient) Tongkwai
and Wall Peeler!
It will be a perfect time to try the new visuals I´ve been working on for SC Live show!!!

See you there :)
tickets are 5 euros

▲ MAY 28

Sun Color with Knob Shop @ Primavera Sound Pro Festival
Sun Color representing Knob Shop did a conference at the Primavera Sound Pro called "Modular World" about Modular Synthesizers.

▲ MAY 08

Sun Color with Knob Shop @ Madrid Music Days
Electronic Music Congress
I went to Madrid to participate at the wonderful Congress Madrid
Music Days... I made a conference about Modular Synthesizers!
such a great time!
Thanks Madrid and MMD organizers and crew.

▲ APRIL 25

@ Miscelänea, Barcelona!!!!

Yes, we are BACK together… my homies NONHORSE (G.Lucas Crane) and PAM FINCH will be in town for a unique concert together at Miscelänea!

The 3 of us, have being doing gigs together since we met in (New York, Massachusetts, Berlin & Barcelona) sometimes even playing improvised sets together :)

For this gig, Sun Color will try to explain what is going on during the performance…this is a way of explain in real time what is happening in this abstract type of music, what is the sound source, what´s the gear that´s being used, the transitions and movements. I just thought that sometimes with experimental composition the people think is weird, unexplainable and hermetic and hard to follow what the composer is doing, performing and how the sound and the whole set works… I will display a video projection in real time in which I will tweet (Twitter) explaining every aspect and movements that are happening in the performance.

▲ MARCH 02

DUBLAB Radio Show LIVE from KNOB Shop …with Sun Color Live Set TODAY !

oday the good people from DUBLAB Spain will make their 1st Broadcast Live from KNOB Shop with some interview and Sun Color Live !!!

Live streaming 7-9pm

▲ FEB 20

Sun Color Live @ La Escocesa!

’m excited about this one, because is something special when an artist invites you to perform at his exhibition opening :). We never met each other but he thought that Sun Color will be a perfect match for his Art! I really appreciate this and also the venue is that wonderful Art Space I performed last year called La Escocesa, truly inspiring place and really nice people!

“RECLAMATION” David Franklin
Exhibition Opening @ La Escocesa!
Sun Color Live at 8pm

Friday 27 February

La Escocesa, Centre de Creació
Calle Pere IV 345 – Barcelona
L4 Selva de Mar – L2 Bac de Roda

+ info:


▲ DEC 11

“Parallel Tracks” ALBUM REVIEWS !

Today I just found nice reviews for “Parallel Tracks” on some media… and for my own surprise they come from Poland and Italy :) Wow! this is cool!

I haven´t start moving the record so much due to the Limited amount of copies and busy times, but I will start sending some copies in January to friends, stores and radios (if someone reading this want a copy, there is still a few left) …

here some pics from the nice reviews:


CARNAGE News (Italy)

▲ NOV 21

Sun Color Live @ Mutuo Art Center / Molécula Música

Yes, this is tomorrow at Mutuo Art Center! I will make a presentation of KNOB Shop, with some Modular Synth Introduction and then a Live set by Sun Color.

In this Live Sun Color will be joined by amazing Cello player Alex Rodríguez Flaqué.

▲ NOV 13

Sun Color @ Compass Jam Session !!!

This will be interesting . The good friends from electronic collective Compass have organized a big Jam Session with really amazing artists. “Massive place, talented artists in town, in a workshop involving the first stages of sound exploration and music creation”.
For me will be challenging to play along this other artists who are beat & rhythm makers and more dance electronic style… let´s see how it goes :

The Electronic JAM Session with:

Dorado (Downpitch Recordings) : Mario Nieto (Neonized Records / Helsinkipro) : Hi.Moez (HelloGoodVibes) : Mans o (Disboot Label) … and Sun Color!

This nice event will take place in the amazing HANGAR, tomorrow Friday 14th Nov. from 8pm till 12pm…. there will be beer, food, and amazing visuals by Quartz Composer show by Mad Center students.

▲ OCT 30

Sun Color Live @ Modular Day Barcelona!!!

Oh! Yes, this next Sunday 02 November KNOB Shop together with Befaco  are organizing the 1st Modular Day Barcelona

MDB is an event for Modular Synth lovers! There will be a conference by the Argentinian Synth Legend Ernesto Romeo (SSE-KLAUSS), a modular synth fair, concerts by Sun Color, Ralp, Pauk & the Rattle Toy and at the end a big Modular Jam open to the audience to participate with their modular synths…YES!!! This is gonna be so dope! and the event is completely FREE!

start 6pm at Hangar Art Center (Passatge del Marquès de Santa Isabel, 40 Barcelona)
more info

see you there

more links:


▲ OCT 27

“PARALLEL TRACKS” by Sun Color (S.C.A.P Records Vol.1) !!!





S.C.A.P Records Site


▲ SEP 10

 Sun Color Live @ La Escocesa !!! Sept 20th


back to school with this GREAT event! La Escocesa Art Center is such an incredible place, this place have the best graffiti and mural art in the city and the energy is amazing! They just invited Sun Color for this event during La Mercè Celebrations in Barcelona with a powerful line-up of artists!

Im so looking forward for this gig !! Thanks to Arnau and Mark for this gig :)

Saturday, Sept 20th

▲ AUG 06

Sun Color Live @ Electrovinyes Festival !!!

Yes, this is the 1st Edition of this unique Festival dedicated to experimental music in the beautiful and privilege location of Vilafranca del Penedès.

Sun Color will play Live Sunday August 24 @ Espai Muntanya de Sant Jaume.

Really excited about this one, check more info at


▲ JUNE 05

 Sun Color & KNOB Shop @ ARTENOU FESTIVAL !!!

This weekend we will be in Sant Boi for ARTENOU FESTIVAL!!! this is exciting!

SUN COLOR will play LIVE! at the EXPERIMENTAL ROOM …6:30 pm

and during the day KNOB Shop will have a Stand at the Festival!

Festival seasson is ON!!!

see you all @ ARTENOU Festival

▲ MAY 23


YESSS! finally we enter the studio for Mastering the SCAP Records Vol.1 by Sun Color

I´m so happy about this, it's a pleasure to work together with  Josep Sanou. The record is ready for Pressing and I hope after the summer the first Sun Color Record for SCAP will be OUT!

After all this years recording Tapes, I feel Sun Color is ready for its FIRST VINYL RECORD to be published in a beautiful 12” inches :)

▲ MAY 22

Nice Weekend !!!

I spent such a nice weekend with the visit of my dear friends Cameron (SUN ARAW) , Alex Grey (D/P/I) and Edward (LARAAJI) … Before their gig we had time to get some drinks (Absinthe !!!) and they visit Knob Shop where we made a little jam session with modular synths!!! Their concert on Saturday was sublime… wish the guys a great Tour :)

▲ MAY 12



Sun Color Live Pics with NEW VISUALS
The gig on Saturday was incredible with those great and talented artists Louis (Wanda Group) and Rui (Sumbu Dunia)… Thanks to Sidewalk Bookings for organizing this GIG !!!

Here some pics of Sun Color Live show with the new visuals.

after gig hanging with  the homies Louis (WANDA GROUP) - Rui (SUMBU DUNIA) and Nuno (Sidewalk Bookings).

▲ MARCH 09


Oh! yesterday was a great day… I´ve enjoyed sooo much to play @ Mutek! the sound was great and really thankful so many friends and people showed up! Thanks to all MUTEK  Festival organizers for the invitation.

▲ MARCH 07

Tomorrow SUN COLOR Live @ MUTEK Festival Barcelona!

Yes! this is tomorrow, here the info:

Sat, 8th March - 8pm
Convent Sant Agustì. Barcelona




▲ MARCH 01

Sun Color Interview @ Radio 4 RNE

This week I was invited to a Radio Interview at the program Músiques Clandestines · Ràdio 4 RNE (SPAIN NATIONAL RADIO) conducted by Consol Saenz …together with MUTEK Festival Director.

I had a great time even though I was nervous. The program will be on air tomorrow Sunday 2nd at 11pm and available to Download this next week.


JAN 16

Knob Shop/ Sun Color article at EL MUNDO Newspaper!

This is great! I just woke up and take coffee reading the newspaper and BOOM!! this beautiful article about KNOB Shop and Sun Color!

Thanks to Javier Blánquez

you can found this article at EL MUNDO newspaper Tendències magazine page 3!