SUN COLOR is the project of Julio Cesar Palacio,  Experimental Music Composer, Sound/Visual Artist and Architect . (SC started in 2010).

Born in Venezuela but settled in Barcelona, this artist uses a mixture of analog sound, field recordings and digital processing to compose abstract and arrhythmic music, micro-tonal compositions,  otoacoustic emissions,  a wide range of frequencies and sound reflections in the performance space with a dedicated use of sound spatialization.

“JCP is a sonic explorer, an artist fascinated with the studies of Acoustic phenomenons like echo, reverberation, dynamics, timbre in relationship with the space and the listener/audience perception, giving a primal importance to the movement of sound in his music compositions. The artist have a ver strong conceptual approach in his work, we can see and hear all these explorations on his installations, sound pieces, recordings and Live performances”.

SUN COLOR has participated in Festivals of international renown like Mutek and performed extensive tours in Europe, USA and Asia, has been commissioned several sound installations and exhibited his works and sound pieces in Galleries and Museums. Has been granted as Artist Residency as a Guest Composer in the prestigious EMS Electronic Music Studio Of Stockholm in 2015, the Indigo Foundation in Palermo, Italy in 2017 and Islington Mill, Manchester in 2018.

He lives and works in Barcelona where is the Director of the Modular Day Festival (Barcelona), teach and gives lectures/Master Classes on the use and composition on Eurorack Modular Synthesizers (Primavera Sound Pro, Ableton Live Users BCN, Teorema Festival…) and compose music for Films, Theatre and Contemporary Dance.

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the name SUN COLOR is in honor of the great SUN RA


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